One to One Personal Training

Do you want to have private boxing classes in Nottingham? Now you can with Ultra Boxing Nottingham. Having a Personal trainer is not just for celebrities. Ultra Boxing provides personal training classes for an affordable price, allowing you to achieve your personal best without breaking the bank.
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Group Boxing Classes

Ultra Boxing provides group boxing classes in Nottingham that are rewarding and pleasurable in a friendly and safe environment. Whether you are a beginner or amateur boxer, we will be sure to get you in the best shape of your life.
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Many people are starting to realise the many health benefits of boxing training, here at Ultra Boxing Nottingham we have put together a great training routine that is producing unbelievable health benefits. Many clients are already taking full advantage off (Please see testimonial page). Ultra Boxing provides a unique workout, combining boxing and fitness which results in an ultimate training session burning around a thousand calories an hour.

At Ultra Boxing Nottingham, we concentrate on providing un-beatable fitness results with a major emphasis on a friendly and safe environment. Boxing is truly a great workout and Ultra Boxing gives you the chance to take advantage of the training in a safe enjoyable atmosphere that has been designed to take the intimidation out of boxing.
Boxing is a sport for everyone to enjoy which is great news as you can achieve the great health benefits that boxing has to offer. Ultra Boxing provides a unique rewarding workout that delivers unbeatable health and wellbeing benefits.